Abbot Free Style Optium Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Use only with FreeStyle Optium Blood Glucose test strips and FreeStyle Optium Blood ß-Ketone test strips. (1) Wash hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly. (2) Insert test strip into meter. (3) A test strip and flashing drop of blood will appear on the screen. (4) Lance your finger and apply a small drop of blood to the end of your test strip. (5) The meter will beep once when enough blood has been applied and a countdown will begin. (6) A result will appear with the time and date on the bottom of the screen. (7) You can scroll with the left or right arrow keys to see all your test results. For more information on how to use your FreeStyle Optium meter please refer to the FreeStyle Optium User’s Manual or contact Customer Service on 1800 801 478



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